Let Your Guests Capture Every Moment with Hired Digital Cameras

Why risk disappointment with disposable cameras, when you can hire the latest in digital technology that guarantees you can capture every memory of your special day.

At Infinity Digipix, we pride ourselves on providing a professional, personal service so your guests can photograph everything that's going on, leaving you to enjoy your day, safe in the knowledge that you'll be able to look back on every moment...forever.

It couldn't be easier:

You book - We deliver - You snap - We collect - then we send you every image on disc.

Easy to Use - Highest Quality

We use the latest cameras by Nikon, assuring you of reliability and high quality pictures. The cameras also take video footage, so you're not limited to still photos. Each camera comes equiped with a 4 Gigabyte memory card that will hold around 1000 still images, so you should never run out of space on the day.

Of course, all this takes up lots of power, so we provide fully charged batteries plus spares for each camera, and battery chargers in each set to ensure that you have enough power to see you through.

But aren't disposables cheaper?

Not really when you consider the amount of quality pictures you'll get. More often than not, disposable cameras return blurred, dark or blank pictures; you can expect to get no more than 15-20 half-decent images from a 27 exposure disposable that'll cost £4.00 to buy and another £15.00 each to develop.

Our cameras cost as little as £15.00 each to hire, and because you can view each image as you take it, you'll never miss a moment. What's more, they are far more reliable, take hundreds more pictures and can also take videos, so the cost per memory is a fraction, with a fraction of the risk.

To us, as to you, your memories are priceless!


-10 Nikon Cameras
-All your pix on USB
-Delivery included